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It’s Tea Time, A Customized Tea Brand T-shirt

Be it in morning on your way to our office, after lunch and before heading home , there is a common habit that we all Indian’s share among us and that is “ bhaiya ek kadak chai dena “ meaning “please give me a tea brother”, yes we share tea as our common drink as Indian no matter which part do we live in. 

Tea and tea lovers: a long historic love story

Tea brands like MBA Chaiwala, Chai Sutta Bar, Yewale Amruttulya, The Chai Theka and many more have just stormed the market with their premium services unlike the small shops of tea that we used to see most often in our localities.

The connection with tea is old but the way in recent times we have been listening about the boom of Tea Brands in the market is surely wild. 

Tea brands like MBA Chaiwala, Chai Sutta Bar, Yewale Amruttulya, The Chai Theka and many more have just stormed the market with their premium services unlike the small shops of tea that we used to see most often in our localities.

What actually separates these new generation tea brands apart from conventional tea shops?

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Actually it’s not that difficult to guess because the difference is quite noticeable, so let’s see them one by one.


Yes, the shop itself. When we think of a tea shop we have a perception of small 5 by 5 foot shop with very limited amount of sitting space or a conventional “thela” but this perception has completely changed now and the Tea Brands of recent times has shifted this small shop to a big restaurant like structure and facilities with proper resting spaces for the customers while enjoying their tea.

This change is one of the biggest factors that is driving huge Metro City customers to visit and enjoy their same tea but in a different space and experience.

Indian tea stalls picture by Rupinder Singh
MBA Chainwala outlet in India


When you visit a local tea shop in a fantastic rainy day, as Indians we crave for Pakoda (Indian snacks) along with our tea but obviously the tea shop is for tea only and you have to look for the pakoda in some other place but not in the Tea restaurants.

As I said with restaurant-like structure they are providing not just tea but snacks items which can go along with the tea naturally.

The one stop facility is just too good to skip, especially when you are exhausted and looking to relax and enjoy your tea and snacks


One of the major issues addressed by the new form of tea brands is hygiene definitely. 

Earlier the access of clean resources were easier and cheaper but with time the accessibility and keeping the place hygienic is more and more difficult for the local shop owners.

The reason I think of is the amount of pollution is increasing day by day and tackling it effectively is a costly process.

New tea brands are addressing and solving the hygiene issue very effectively, thus trusted by many customers.

cleaning table showing hygiene

The Money:

In money prospect, the franchise model is super popular among these big tea brands which is benefiting the brand owners and the businessmen who are taking those franchise, what is the advantage if you ask then again very simple if you don’t have to invest any money in marketing then you are getting a headache out for sure when you are starting out.

Of course it comes with certain costs that you have to consider but still it’s a lot easier than creating your own market from scratch.    

Unfortunately this luxury of passive income is out of reach for the conventional tea shops.

These are some of the factors that are at the core for driving this new type of Tea Brand shops which is fulfilling the customer needs and also lucrative for new business owners.

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Branding a local business:

So, we had said more than enough times “Tea Brand”, yes the term brand and it is not attached to everyone but this is the only thing which could turn a normal tea business to a multi million rupee business for you.

Branding is also not new but like tea it has a long history, products like parle-g, companies like TATA and Reliance are some of the examples of brands for sure. It is given a very important place in any business today.

Well we sure talked about the franchise model and how you can get the brand name instantly but there’s a cost to pay and many out there couldn’t start with that instead they take small steps at a time, after all every brand once was a local business during their starting time.

Branding starts with your local customers always, be more passionate towards your business and dream to achieve more thriving on the challenges. 

The time you will make your place in your customers daily routine, your journey towards building your own brand will just kick off from there.

It's tea time, kanchrapara tea shop near shubhash more, Kolkata.
It's Tea Time

How The IST Store helps local tea shops who thrive to become a brand one day?

Branding has a very important part in it which is how you are showcasing yourself being in the center of your own business. We, the IST Store, helps you to showcase yourself perfectly in front of your customers with your very own Custom Branded T-shirt

Always remember, your customer will see you first then try your product or services. So, presenting yourself with a passion inside in front of your customer will highly increase the chance of making that space in their daily routine.

And of course your product and service also have to be satisfactory & memorable for making them a returning customer.

it's tea time, a tea brand in kanchrapara, kolkata

It’s Tea Time, showing how it’s done even from small towns

A tea brand which is thriving in a small town in North 24 paraganas district of Kolkata, West Bengal, to be one of those big brands someday. 

The IST Store has helped them in making their own brand logo and creating their T-shirts for the perfect representation of the store.

Mr. Ajay the owner of the shop was already highly praised for his quality of the tea and his calm & friendly behaviour with the customers but after getting his own brand logo and custom T-shirt , people see the passion within him and humans have natural tendency to appreciate the passion of others, thus results in a even greater connectivity with his customer.

I’m pretty sure that this connection with their customer will always lead to good things in coming times for him.

It's tea time, tea brand in kanchrapara, kolkata
It's tea time, tea brand in kanchrapara, kolkata

Custom T-shirt by theiststore

We provide custom T-shirts for perfect representation of you and your brand. If you are out of Ideas to how should expand your business we will be happy to assist as well. So for any inquiry please visit this page and fill out the form 👉 Request Custom T-shirt 

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