custom t shirt design by the ist store march 2023

Custom T-shirt Design Prints of March2023

The month, when the dry leaf falls on to the ground and new ones blossoms. A mesmerizing  view of spring trees is something you can’t take your eyes off. Just like the trees, the IST Store’s start of the spring was filled with amazing inspirations and aesthetics. 

We customized around more than 20+ t-shirts for our passionate and amazing customers in the month of March. And I know that the numbers might not be looking enough for you but I’m happy to serve even 1 passionate person and connect with their journey through our t-shirts. So, if you are someone who is looking for some really cool customized t-shirts for you then we would love to hear back from you at or fill up this form Custom T-shirt Request

Get Customized T-shirts for your Passion Project

Some of the customized t-shirt prints

A Music Band Fan

Our one of the most illustrative print as the design is completely generated using the AI model by DALL-E. The concept art of a spiritual psychedelic experience.

The print was heavy with all the rich colors inside the art but at the end it came out fantastically.

With a little addition of their favorite band name on the top of the artwork, it finally the design looks like this.👉 

AI generated artwork custom t-shirt
AI generated art custom t-shirt

A Movie Fan

A Movie fan ask for his favorite movie V for Vendetta customized with his name’s first letter. So, here how the final customized t-shirt looks like 👉

a customized movie t-shirt by the IST Store
a customized movie white t-shirt by the IST Store

An Educator

An amazing fellow from Manipur, educating many children to become one of the brightest future of the country. Here’s how he is showing professionalism in his small venture👉

coaching institute t-shirt printing by the ist store

A chef of our favorite snack

As we were just starting off as a business and we reached to some our local business owners and they very politely asked us make one customized t-shirt for them also. If you live in Kolkata or had visited anytime, you might know the love of chops(snack). Here’s how we designed a custom t-shirt for a local business 👉

local business custom t-shirt by the ist store

March ends but not the passion, so there are many passionate peoples like these and  we are gonna introduce you in near future, so make sure to bookmark us and why wait for your own personal customized t-shirt.

Reach us for any query or doubt now. 

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